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Dear friends,

our relaunch is almost done. Our new server can be used now, the .net domain should be transfered to this lokation very soon.

Please be aware, our new server has a new IP:

Either change your myservers.txt manually or install the new clients in the files section, they are pre-configured regarding the new IP.

Have fun!


Yesterday I tried to repair the server - admin tool - which is not usable since last year. The result ----> Crash :-)

I am almost ready with the new installation. I think at least you will be able to login again tomorrow.

Multiple Logins

Once again:

We do not accept multiple logins!! It's really not necessary to fly with more than one identity.

In the future, we will fix this in the servercode. As a quick fix (perhaps today or tomorrow), we will not count a second identity in the logger.

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